7 Best Colostrum Supplements

By Amber Smith; Medically Reviewed by Diana Rangaves, PharmD, RPH
Jan 10, 2024 4:00 AMJan 11, 2024 6:30 PM
Elm & Rye Colostrum


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Reviewed by Dr. Diana Rangaves, PharmD, Clinical Consultant Services, Google Scholar

Colostrum has become increasingly popular around the world as a means to improve health. This supplement has been helpful with those who experience leaky gut. This is something that’s being discussed more in the world due to an increase in chronic inflammation in patients. Colostrum has an antimicrobial property that can help inhibit the growth of some bacteria in the body. 

All of these reasons and more are why we’re featuring the 7 best colostrum supplements today. We want you to have a choice among the best of the best options for colostrum supplements this year.   

7 Best Colostrum Supplements

What are colostrum supplements? 

Bovine or grassfed colostrum is made from a milk-like fluid that a cow’s udders release shortly after giving birth. Colostrum has been shown to be rich in disease fighting properties, hence why it’s often one of the most important nutrients for a newborn calf or human to drink. 

Now a days, humans can consume colostrum from cows via powder, chewables, or tablets. We’re featuring a few different forms of colostrum supplements today. This way you can opt in for a form of colostrum supplements that suits your desires. 

Elm & Rye Colostrum

This colostrum from Elm & Rye comes from grassfed cows that had their colostrum collected shortly after the birth of their calf. This extract was then turned into a powder form using safe to consume powder form. You can use this colostrum in your coffee or mix it into a favorite smoothie. 

This supplement only collected bovine colostrum from trusted farmers who raise pasture-raised, grassfed cows that are free of added  hormones and antibiotics. 

NusaPure Colostrum 1050mg 30% IgG 200 Capsules

This colostrum supplement comes in easy to swallow capsule form. You’ll get 30% immunoglobulin G per serving. This jar of 200 capsules provides you with 100 servings so you can improve your health without having to purchase more pills at the end of every month.  

Symbiotics Immunity Support Colostrum Plus Chewables

These powerful colostrum chewables may help you maintain a strong immune system and support your overall health and wellness. Each serving of this colostrum supplement contains 800mg of colostrum per serving. The recommended serving dosage of colostrum for adults is 10-60 grams by mouth daily for up to 8 weeks while kids dosing is based on weight of the child. This supplement is gluten-free and comes in a wild cherry flavor. 

ARMRA Bovine Colostrum Superfood 

Immune Revival from ARMRA comes in a bulk jar of colostrum for you to gain the benefits of colostrum daily. When purchasing this colostrum supplement online, You can choose unflavored, blood orange, vine watermelon, or Açu Açai Berry. Colostrum has proven to be beneficial for those looking to boost their immune system, so why not grab this option in your favorite flavor today. 

Ancestral Supplements Grass Fed Beef Colostrum Supplement

Next up on our list of the best colostrum supplements is the grass feed beef colostrum supplement from Ancestral Supplements. These capsules come in a 180 count container that provides you with a one month supply of 3000mg of colostrum per serving. We wanted to make note that this supplement requires you swallow 6 pills per day for best practice. 

NOW Supplements, Colostrum

These veg capsules from NOW Supplements contain 500mg of colostrum per serving. With a serving size of 1 veg capsule per day, this container will get you through 4 months of colostrum servings. This brand says that their supplement was created with the intent to help improve immunity. We’ve backed up this fact with studies that show colostrum as a dietary supplement is able to improve immunity and other functions of your health for improved wellness this year. 

Pure Encapsulations Colostrum

This concentrated colostrum supplement from Pure Encapsulations provides immune system with 900mg of bovine colostrum per serving. Each package has 45 capsules and you’re recommended dose is 2 capsules per day. This supplement is gluten free and non-GMO. 

Our Criteria For Choosing the Best Colostrum Supplements 

  • Quality of Ingredients: We reviewed each of the brands to ensure they included the best high quality ingredients for their colostrum supplement. Each of the supplements featured here in our list of 7 best colostrum supplements are made using hormone-free grassfed cows for the source of their bovine colostrum

  • Efficacy: Of course, we wanted to make sure that these colostrum supplements work. In order to do that, we had to read customer feedback to see if customers were actually getting results of improved immunity and better overall health when consuming these supplements. The 7 best colostrum supplements featured here do have positive results with their customers. 

  • Immunoglobulin Content (IgG): We made sure each of the supplements have the proper level fo IgG within their colostrum supplement. Each of the capsules versus powders and chewables do have varying levels of IgG, but all are within acceptable limits for consumption by people who want to use colostrum to improve their health


Are colostrum supplements safe? 

Yes, colostrum supplements are safe when made by a reputable brand. The 7 best colostrum supplements in our list today feature brands that use high-quality resources from trusted farmers and oftentimes, pasture-raised cows for their bovine colostrum supplements. Just be sure to discuss this supplement with your doctor before use if you’re on medications or have any health conditions. 

Does colostrum supplementation work?

Yes, according to much research colostrum supplementation does work. We’ve read the studies and looked at each outcome, and the consensus is clear; colostrum supplementation helps improve immune function, and reduces the severity of digestive disorders

Can i take colostrum with other supplements?

The best way to know for sure if you can take colostrum with other supplements is to ask your doctor about the supplement prior to use. Bring the bottle in or take a screen capture of the nutrition label for the colostrum supplement you plan to take. Have your doctor evaluate the ingredients to confirm whether or not this colostrum supplement is safe to take with your medications. 

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