7 Best Instant Female Arousal Pills

By Amber Smith; Medically Reviewed by Diana Rangaves, PharmD, RPH
Jan 10, 2024 4:00 AMJan 11, 2024 6:32 PM
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Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. 

Reviewed by Dr. Diana Rangaves, PharmD, Clinical Consultant Services, Google Scholar 

Most females don’t need sexual intercourse to feel arousal, but many females do need arousal to have quality sexual connections with their partners. It’s rather confusing at times for men to understand, but if you’re here looking for the best instant female arousal pills, then perhaps you are a female looking to buy these pills for yourself. 

With 43% of females saying they experience some form of sexual dysfunction, we knew that having a resource like this would prove valuable. So, without further ado, please find the list of the best female arousal pills available for purchase over the counter today. 

7 Best Instant Female Arousal Pills

What are instant female arousal pills?

Female arousal pills refer to dietary supplements that come in pill or capsule form and help improve a females libido. These could help aid in balancing hormones, increasing sexual desire, reducing anxiety that often comes with intimate connections, or just improving a females overall health for better sexual pleasure with their partner. 

Most female arousal pills will include a blend of vitamins, herbs, and other known libido boosting ingredients like zinc or tongkat ali to improve your desire. The best options available right now to buy over the counter, are featured below in more detail. 

Elm & Rye Female Libido Capsules

These libido capsules from Elm & Rye are blended just right for the female libido to include ingredients like muira puama,  L-Arginine HCI, saw palmetto, ginko, and other herbs alongside vitamins that help improve your libido. With l-arginine alone, we’ve read that studies showed this ingredient improved 60% of the participants libido when taken regularly. Each container of Elm & Rye Female Libido Capsules holds a one month supply for you. 

Penguin CBD Female Libido Capsules

These female libido capsules from Penguin contain CBD which helps reduce anxiety before the ‘act’ and can improve your overall wellbeing to promote intimate connections. Each capsule contains zinc, tongkat ali, muira puama, Siberian ginseng, maca, nettle, saw palmetto, and yohimbe alongside CBD or full-spectrum CBD options. 


This instant female arousal pill has been used by females who want to balance their hormones. As you get older, your body changes and so does your hormones. Provestra was created to help reduce the problems associated with stress and age. Taking this supplement may help you gain confident in sexual health and promote more intimacy with your beloved. This is an excellent female arousal pill for those experiencing peri-menopause or menopause symptoms

HerSolution Women Libido Boosting Supplements

The purpose of HerSolution Women Libido Boosting Supplements is to help improve blood flow. The package comes in a 30 tablet pack so you can have a one month supply of instant female arousal pills. Having a decrease in female libido is common with age and other lifestyle factors, but you do not have to make it a common concurrence in your life forever. 

RGN Health Boost 

This high performance instant female arousal pill is made by RGN Health with the female libido in mind. They say that their capsules will help you enhance, improve, and revive your sex life. The ingredients in this formula include horny goat weed, ginko, and other herbs that have shown promise in increasing female libido. The container has 60 capsules which is just one month supply. 

Amie Naturals Ember 

Ember from Amie Naturals includes ingredients like maca, cacao, tribulus terrestris, and holy basil to help improve your sexual health. These herbal remedies have been used for thousands of years in eastern cultures to  help females with sexual dysfunction and other hormonal imbalance issues. 

HighT® Women Libido Booster

This instant female arousal pill can be purchased online and has a proprietary herbal blend proven to help increase female arousal. This supplement has been sold at Walmart and GNC over the years without much issue. Customers seem to enjoy the libido booster properties of HighT and often share it with their female friends who are encountering libido issues due to stress and age. 

Our Criteria For Choosing the 7 Best Instant Female Arousal Pills 

  • Safety and Purity: We made sure to evaluate the ingredients and studies online to see if the female arousal pills were safe and of the best purity for you to consume for this purpose of balancing hormones, increasing libido and improving overall health. 

  • Scientific Evidence: We favored products that had some studies to back up use of the ingredients, such as maca root or tongkat ali and horny goat weed. There are many herbal ingredients that science says work well to improve libido in females. 

  • User Feedback and Reviews: We also took into consideration the feedback and reviews from customers who use these products. The best instant female arousal pills will have a solid user base with mostly positive experiences. 

  • Manufacturer Reputation: Last but not least, we were sure to review the brand’s reputation. While we know companies can make mistakes from time to time, we evaluated each brand to ensure they have an overly positive reputation with their customer base. 


Are instant female arousal pills safe to use? 

Yes, these instant female arousal pills are safe to use for most people. As always, we suggest you discuss a new dietary supplement with your doctor before use. Some of the female arousal pills could interact negatively with your prescription medications or other herbal remedies. 

Are instant female arousal pills available over the counter? 

Yes, instant female arousal pills are available over the counter. Today's top brands featured in our list are purchased on the brand’s website. While you can go to a doctor to get prescription libido pills, you can also find some libido-boosting pills for females at local pharmacies over the counter, too. 

How soon will I get results from instant female arousal pills? 

The results from taking instant female arousal pills will vary from person to person. Just start taking the one that is best for you and watch for any side effects. You should see results within a few days of regular use, but some herbal remedies could take a few weeks before you see any improvement in libido. 

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