Beauty to the Bone

Shea Butter Salve

This salve is densely packed with all natural plant extracts. Rich, emollient, and non-greasy, our pleasantly scented Shea will leave your skin soft, supple and protected. Infused with CBD, Arnica, Turmeric and Black Seed extracts. Who says beauty is only skin deep? This product delivers beauty to the bone.

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2 reviews for Shea Butter Salve

  1. Joanne Douds

    This Shea Butter Salve is an exceptional product! As an avid cyclist and yogi, there is always some pain tucked away somewhere. My lower spine was in pain, and one small application on this spot and I was pain free for over four hours. I have also use this on my shoulder as I do many pushups in Yoga. Immediate results, no fragrance. Everyone should try this product. Bravo!

  2. Len Gaffney

    I’ve had chronic arthritis in my back and hips for years from the heavy lifting of weights. Each morning is a challenge in getting up and around. Upon using the Shea Butter Salve, I experienced immediate benefits and pain reduction and increased movement. I highly recommend this product for anyone with chronic pain.

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